What to expect from this Notion document?

Discover how to hire A-players for your team 👇


To hire the right candidates, you gotta sell them the dream 💫

Most people want to avoid sales - but if you want to be successful, you must learn sales.

When you do prospecting, you’re selling a solution to your customer's problem. When you hire people for your company, you’re selling them an opportunity for a better future

In both cases, it’s all about sales

And once you’re good at it. This is when you’re gonna be able to build a dream team.

Here’s the harsh truth when you get started, people will have 0 clue about who you are, what your company does, and what you stand for. Therefore, there’s not gonna be a queue of top talents who want to come on board.

You actually have to sell them the opportunity to work with you.

And let me tell you, 90% of job descriptions I see on the market aren’t doing that.

To give you some numbers, over the last six years, I’ve hired over 200 people and interviewed over 1,700. I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on bad hires, and it took me years to realize that hiring starts long before the interview process.