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How to hire your first employees 👇


When you grow a company, if you want to scale - the #1 key success factor will be the quality of your team.

That’s why your #1 role as a CEO is to build a team of A-players.

In the past 6 years of building and growing lempire, I interviewed 1,700 people and hired over 200.

And along the way, I made tons of mistakes.

I’ve followed the “hire fast, fire fast” motto for a long time, and in my opinion, it was a mistake.

<aside> 💎 Hire slow and fire fast is the best approach.


Hiring is not a rocket science, but there are many ways to determine whether or not someone is a great fit.

Before giving you all the keys to make a great hire let’s break down the cost of a bad hire.

The real cost of bad hires